WTAP – Third Annual 6th Congressional District Collaboration Forum

WTAP – Third Annual 6th Congressional District Collaboration Forum

Marietta, OH 6/5/15 –  There is more than one reason the Drug abuse in our region was among a variety of issues discussed in a day-long forum hosted by U.S. Congressman Bill Johnson.

The discussion was about topics ranging from health care to infrastructure.

But a highlight was a forum on drug abuse featuring experts in law enforcement and treatment.

They agreed fighting drugs in the valley requires cooperation from community leaders, law enforcement and the judicial system.

But Johnson believes bringing more jobs to the district could play a big role in getting people off drugs.

“And a lot of that activity is happening right here in our region,” Johnson says. “We’re talking about job opportunities that give people a reason to get up in the morning and hope the American dream is still there for them. And they would be less likely to fall victim to drug abuse and drug addiction.”

Conversely, drugs are also a factor in rejecting job seekers.

Johnson notes companies frequently turn away people looking for a job with their companies-because they failed a drug test.