As a gun owner, concealed carry permit holder, and lifetime member of the NRA, Bill Johnson knows that our Second Amendment rights are fundamental and must be protected.  He is opposed to any measures that would restrict the rights of law-abiding Americans, especially those that include any limitations on the right to keep and bear arms. Furthermore, for Ohioans, we should protect concealed carry laws and expand state-to-state reciprocity.

As our representative, Bill continues to be a leader in protecting our Second Amendment rights.  He is a co-sponsor of several bills to protect our right to keep and bear arms, including: H.R. 155, the Hearing Protection Act; H.R. 664, the Recreational Lands Self-Defense Act of 2019; H.R. 2443, the Firearms Interstate Commerce Reform Act; and H.R. 38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2019, which would allow law-abiding citizens with a state-issued concealed carry license or permit to conceal a handgun in any other state that allows concealed carry.