Local lawmakers react to the State of the Union Address

Local lawmakers react to the State of the Union Address

Local lawmakers are reacting to President Trump’s State of the Union Address, some drawing backlash.

Standing before a Congress and nation sharply divided by impeachment, President Donald Trump used his State of the Union address Tuesday to extol a “Great American Comeback” on his watch, three years after he took office decrying a land of “American carnage” under his predecessor.

Congressman Tim Ryan, D-13th District, walked out of the address saying it was “all fake.”

Ryan issued a statement later saying “tonight’s address clarified one thing: this President has no strategy for the future.”

While the stock market is trucking along for millionaires and billionaires, our economy is broken for every day, hardworking Americans. This President wants to point to the unemployment rate, but nothing will take away from the fact that wages have been stagnant for years, and it’s harder than ever for families to make ends meet — even as they work two or three jobs. President Trump didn’t say one word about how we are going to fix our broken pension system that’s swallowing money owed to hard-working people.

“Manufacturing jobs continue to be shipped overseas. Tuition costs are skyrocketing, and every day Americans are being forced to choose between bankruptcy and lifesaving medicine.

Reaction was mixed to Ryan’s exit from the address. Some, like Ohio Senator Bob Hagan, thanked him while others admonished the congressman for walking out. One Twitter post said “You are walking out on your country.” Another said, “Thank you. As a brown immigrant Latina, I was in tears through most of it.”

Congressman Bill Johnson, R-6th District, praised the President saying it’s amazing he has accomplished so much “in the face a full-out assault by Washington Democrats and the liberal national media.

In the last few weeks alone, the President and his team have kept the economy growing, taken out some of the world’s most notorious terrorist leaders, signed historic trade deals, and much more. This is on top of everything else he has promised – and delivered on – over the previous three years.  I don’t know how any American could hear the President’s message and not be inspired.

I don’t know what scheme the Democrats have up their sleeves next to try and stop President Trump and the progress he is making, but make no mistake, they have one.

Local lawmakers react to State of the Union Address