WTAP – Bill Johnson Speaks to WHS Students

WTAP – Bill Johnson Speaks to WHS Students

Vincent, OH 3/11/15 –  The future leaders of our country live right in our back yard and one of Ohio’s leaders visited Warren High School Wednesday afternoon to share some of his knowledge.

Congressman Bill Johnson spoke to government classes, encouraging them to engage in America’s future.

Johnson wants young people to understand where America came from, how hard we worked to get to where we are and their role, the young people, have in taking America to the next level.

“They’re going to have their generations good ideas. The good ideas about what make America great don’t come from inside the beltway in Washington DC, they come from everyday American citizens who get up everyday and go to work and provide for their families and these young people are apart of that,” says Congressman Bill Johnson.

Johnson has spoke to numerous high schools across the state of Ohio in an effort to get the younger generation thinking about the future of our great country.