HCH workers receive free lunch from Congressman Johnson

HCH workers receive free lunch from Congressman Johnson

Harrison News Herald – By JD Long 

CADIZ – The medical staff at the Harrison Community Hospital felt a little love last week as they received a free lunch from Congressman Bill Johnson-R (6th District) for their efforts. Around noon last Friday workers began trickling in and picking up a box lunch that was prepared by the Farm Restaurant and Pub out of Mt. Pleasant.

Administrative Secretary Beverly Lengyel and Social Worker for HCH, Pam Parrish were very appreciative for the congressman thinking of them.

“We thank him for thinking about us,” Lengyel said.

In a prepared statement Johnson gushed over medical staffs confronting the virus and expressed his gratitude from them being there.

“Words cannot express the gratitude and admiration I feel for each and every one of you. The work you are doing on the front lines of this fight against the deadly COVID-19 virus is nothing less than heroic. People all over our communities are frightened, they are concerned that they or their family members are going to contract the virus,” Johnson said.

He goes on to say that one of things that come out of the staff being there is the comfort in knowing they are on the job while putting their own health at risk.

“There are no words or deeds that can thank you enough, but just know that we all see what you are doing, what you are sacrificing to help your fellow citizens.

So, I hope this small token of a meal will, in some part, demonstrate our appreciation of all you are doing.

“And, my prayer is that God will honor your sacrifices and hard work by giving you the strength to face the difficult days ahead, and that he will keep you and your families safe and healthy. On behalf of all the people of Ohio’s Sixth Congressional District…I hope you enjoy this meal. It comes from our hearts directly to yours.”