U.S. Rep Bill Johnson has earned your vote

U.S. Rep Bill Johnson has earned your vote

Few public officials are as deserving as U.S. Rep Bill Johnson, R-Ohio, of proclaiming that they have earned our votes. Johnson’s record in Congress is one of staying in touch with constituents to know what their concerns are — then acting decisively on them in Washington.

Johnson serves Ohio’s 6th Congressional District, which is an exceedingly diverse area primarily in the Ohio Valley. He has made it a point to use time when he is not in Washington traveling around the region, learning what its residents want from the federal government.

Elected first in 2010, Johnson has built up both seniority and respect among other lawmakers — in part, we suspect, because of his energy. On issues ranging from coal to gun rights, from ensuring senior citizens get the best health care possible to providing opportunities for veterans, Johnson has fought for his constituents. He has supported legislation aimed at ensuring local officials control public schools, to protect the unborn and to extend access to broadband internet. On one key issue — safeguarding coal miners’ pensions and health care benefits — Johnson was among a handful of lawmakers who refused to take “no” for an answer.

It has not escaped the attention of East Ohio voters including those in a big part of the Salem News readership area, that Johnson views his role as serving them — not becoming a slave to partisan politics. During the 2018 general election, Johnson won with nearly 70% of the total vote. Only two of Ohio’s other 15 members of the House had higher winning margins.

That says something about how much trust voters have in Bill Johnson. He has earned it — and he has earned re-election. We recommend that in both the primary and general elections, local residents vote for Johnson for Congress.