The Telegram- GOP Holds Grand Old Picnic

The Telegram- GOP Holds Grand Old Picnic

Jackson, OH 8/18/15 – The upcoming vote of the Iran Nuclear Deal, national transportation issues, the 2016 US Presidential Election, as well as honoring youth in government students were the themes Ohio Sixth District Congressman Bill Johnson focused on when he headlined the speakers at the Jackson County Republican Picnic. The event was held Thursday evening, August 13 at the Deerland Resort in Franklin Township.

John Hensler, chair of the Jackson County Republican Party and Jackson City Council member, served as the emcee and host of the event. Many political leaders were in attendance including State Representative Ryan Smith, US Senator Rob Portman’s Representative Todd Shelton, Jackson County Commissioners Ed Armstrong and Jerry Hall, and many others.

Before he began his remarks, Congressman Johnson honored the Jackson High School Youth In Government members and their advisors. The group consisted of: advisor Ashley Aldrich, Sidney Baisden, Ben Keefer, Mallory McCorkle (Club Historian), Marcie McCorkle, Hannah Phipps, Lindsey Polcyn (Youth Governor), Christian Stepp, Nick Weaver (Chief Justice) and advisor JJ Milliken. Each student received a certificate from Congressman Johnson.

He told the students the time will come when they are called upon to serve America. He is pleased they are taking an interest in government and the political process. As the Congressman changed gears and focused on the present and future, he had many positive comments to make about the party.

He noted the Republicans gained a majority in Congress and have made some positive steps. He explained the party passed the budget and instituted Medicaid Reform saving billions of dollars in the upcoming years. He stated Republicans will take the opportunity to oppose the Iran Nuclear Music Deal and make it stick.

“I think we have a good chance of telling the president he can’t do this,” said Johnson. “I think the House and Senate will pass resolutions to reject the agreement. If they do, the President is going to veto it. Then we are going to try to override the veto with a two-thirds Super Majority.”

He called the Iranian regime a big sponsor of state supported terrorism, but noted there are many good people in Iran. He believes a much better deal than this one could have been made. He says this deal is not good because Iran gets access to large amounts of money. The agreement will also allow the nation to export oil again so they can finance their terrorism activities.

He said the 24-day notice on inspection is too long. Frankly speaking, the Congressman said this agreement has to be voided. “This is not a good deal folks,” said the Congressman. “It is a global disaster and it is going to start an arms race in the region because Iran can continue the development of missiles.

The Congressman also focused on rebuilding the National Highway Trust Fund and said this is going to be a big challenge for Congress. He explained the gas tax is declining because of less travel, better fuel economy in cars, and more mass transit options in many states. He explained raising the gas price is not a good option because it is an unfair burden for rural and poor citizens. He explained there are some other options Congress could take, some temporary and some permanent, to provide a level of the funding. He stated this is a big ticket item and Congress needs to work together to find the best solution.

When Johnson looked at the election, he noted he did not know who the next President will be, but it would be a Republican. He noted the party has 17 fine candidates including Ohio Governor John Kasich. He explained he wants a President who sits at the head of the table and stands shoulder to shoulder with the American People to make things better.

After the meeting, he was asked if the Republicans should place a woman on the ticket such as Carly Fiorina, the former Hewlett-Packard CEO. She is a candidate for President who could also be a vice presidential candidate or New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez would likely be a vice presidential candidate. Johnson said gender should not be involved and the party should select the best person for the job. He did say Fiorina does bring an impressive resume to the party.

He blames US President Barack Obama for much of the problems in the US, but says the country has been in far worse shape.

“Americans have pulled their selves up by their boot straps many times,” said Johnson. He referred to the American resolve in wars. He also stated the US needs a new tax code and the government needs to issue fewer resolutions to direct more money into the economy and let people keep more of what they earn.

Hensler thanked the Congressman for attending and thanked the cooks for the fine meal everyone enjoyed.