Congressman Johnson likens Big Tech to Big Tobacco

WMOA Radio, March 26, 2021 MARIETTA, Ohio- Congressman Bill Johnson of Marietta released statements after taking part in an Energy and Commerce Subcommittee Hearing on Social Media Disinformation. Also involved was Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey and Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Johnson looked back to the internet giants’ humble beginnings saying, we […]

Johnson, GOP blast ‘bloat’ in COVID relief bill

By Jocelyn King; Martins Ferry Times Leader, March 26, 2021 WHEELING — Republican lawmakers, including Ohio’s Bill Johnson and Rob Portman, say the $1.9 trillion COVID relief stimulus package bill passed by Congress this week is filled with unnecessary spending. Rep. Johnson, R-Ohio, said too little of the funding in the bill will actually go […]