The fall 2015 elections are approaching very quickly.  The filing deadline for the March 2016 primary is just three months away and the primary is just six months away.  These are all very important dates for us.  

I want to help elect strong Republican leaders!

That's why I've reached out across the state asking candidates how I can help. The number one response?  Grassroots support!  That's why I need your help.  Electing a strong slate of Republicans across Ohio will help me in my own campaign, it'll help as we fight the good fight on local and regional issues, and it'll help lay the foundation of organization that will help ensure that we turn Ohio red in 2016!   I can't do it alone, so I've created the Johnson Volunteer Squadron and I'm asking people who agree to join up and come out and help.

Please join the Johnson Volunteer Squadron!

So I'm asking my most active volunteers to consider signing up to help other candidates as they run for mayor, city council, and even commissioner, state representative and state senator next spring.  We'll let those who sign up know of opportunities and we'll see groups of 4-5 people to travel as part of the Johnson Volunteer Squadron, wearing volunteer squadron tee shirts and knocking doors or making phone calls in support of Republican candidates.

Sign up below and we'll be in touch. Thank you!

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