On the record statement from Johnson for Congress campaign manager Sarah Poulton

Use of newspaper graphics and mastheads is commonplace in political advertising. In fact, for the ad in question, our campaign utilized the same ‘fair use’ exception to copyright law that our opponent used in her ads when she used photos of Bill Johnson that she did not have the rights to. 

Having said that, the campaign completely removed the newspaper graphic and the newspaper quotes less than 24 hours after being asked to by the Beacon Journal. Contrary to some news reports, the ad was immediately removed from the Internet and was replaced in all public venues the next day. It never aired again.

The newspaper graphic in question never showed a visible date of the newspaper, it never made any reference to Memorial Day or any American soldier, and it appeared for less than six seconds, most of which focused on direct quotes. Those quotes were accurate and taken directly from a previous Beacon Journal piece about our opponent. 

Congressman Johnson is a decorated, 26 year veteran of the U.S Air Force who served with heroes, many of whom died in action. He respects their sacrifice in a way that only a fellow veteran can.  

We apologize for any misunderstanding. Congressman Johnson respects the work of the Beacon Journal in covering the news.