Johnson sponsors bill to get Delta Queen back on river

From WTAP-TV: 

One step closer in the right direction to getting the Delta Queen cruising on the river once again.

It is a piece of local history and the good news is spreading around quickly.

Representative Bill Johnson co-sponsored the bill that has passed through the U.S. House to get the steamboat back up and running.

He is trying to reinstate the Delta Queen's grandfathered status, which allows the ship to carry more than 50 overnight passengers.

The local Valley Gem owner says the history of this boat dates back to the 1940's here in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

"Very famous boat and I think it is the most famous of all the boats that have ever been run because it is historically significant and it was owned by the Green family, very famous steam boat family here in Newport," says Valley Gem owner Jason Sands.

Sands says having the steamboat back on these local rivers would be a dream come true.

The legislation now goes to the Senate.