Johnson campaign announces "Democrats for Johnson" group

Both candidates in 6th District race receive endorsements... from Democrats

December 11, 2013- Jennifer Garrison and Bill Johnson had something in common over the last week.  They both picked up endorsements from Democratic elected officials.

Garrison, of course, is a Democrat and endorsements from her party's elected officials are no surprise.

But Johnson's endorsements come from a wide array of Democratic and union elected officials who cited his work on job creation and energy issues.  A "Democrats for Johnson" group will be active over the next year sharing Johnson's hard work and common sense leadership with voters across Eastern and Southeastern Ohio.

Those forming the group include Robert Villamagna and Gerald DiLoreto, who are Democratic Steubenville City Council Members; Tom Gentile, Democratic County Commissioner in Jefferson County; and retired union leader Joe "Sluggs" Smarrella.

Villamagna said that Johnson's work ethic and priorities won him over.

"Bill is the hardest working Congressman since Ted Strickland," Villamagna said, citing to one of the best-known Democrats in Ohio.  "He's fighting for Eastern and Southeastern Ohio as evidenced by his work on energy issues."

Johnson has been a vigorous proponent of economic development and energy independence using the resources abundant in Eastern and Southeastern Ohio.

"Bill Johnson is working hard to create an environment where people in this area can live and work safely.  His continued involvement in our community will help us to attract job creators and keep Steubenville vibrant." DiLoreto added.

Gentile said that the relationships built over the last four years will pay dividends well into the future.

"Bill is a unifier, he proactively reaches out to us, Democrat or Republican and seeks input," Gentile said.  "He fights the good fight for us."

Former Wheeling-Pitt Steelworker Local 1190 Joe "Sluggs" Smarrella said he's supported Bill since early on when his commitment became clear.

"In Bill, I saw someone committed to blue collar families and I still think he the best man to represent our interests."

Johnson campaign spokesman Matt Dole said that, in this case, the campaign didn't mind sharing something in common with Jennifer Garrison.

"Jennifer Garrison is a loyal Democratic party soldier who was recruited by the architects of Obamacare to help President Obama," Dole said.  "Bill Johnson opposes what she and President Obama are advocating, but we're still proud to share with her the support of Democratic leaders throughout Eastern and Southeastern Ohio."