Jobs and the Economy

The so-called ‘Obama economic recovery’ has failed the American people.  It has been the worst “recovery” since World War II, according to the Congressional Research Service.  Had the recovery simply been in line with our average recoveries, America would be $2.2 trillion richer, and each family would have earned an additional $17,000, according to Investor’s Business Daily.  Most experts attribute the sluggish job growth to the Obama Administration’s burdensome tax and regulatory structure.  And finally, more Americans than ever (more than 90 million) have left the workforce, they’ve given up on trying to find a job.  Millions have retired, but millions more simply cannot find jobs.  Today, we have the lowest labor participation rate in decades.  In fact, the number of jobs created under this President hasn’t kept up with the working age population…in the Obama economy, there simply aren’t enough jobs to go around.

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We can do better.

Bill Johnson believes our top priority must be creating jobs and getting our economy running again. Johnson has authored and voted for legislation that will create and protect jobs in Eastern and Southeastern Ohio - legislation that would stop President Obama's war on coal and his job destructive anti-coal polices, encourage manufacturing, and create more oil and gas jobs. Unfortunately, Barack Obama has opposed these efforts at every turn.

Growing the economy requires dedication to traditional American economic values. We must remove barriers so that small business owners can do what they do best - create jobs. This includes eliminating burdensome, costly regulations that strangle our job creators.  Johnson has supported legislation that has reduced the EPA’s budget by 20% over the last 6 years, and has brought the EPA to their lowest staffing level since 1987.  He is a strong supporter of the REINS Act - commonsense legislation that would force federal agencies to get the sign-off of Congress before enacting any major new regulations.  For too long, under both parties, federal agencies have prevented progress.  ‘No’ cannot be a final answer to any businesses request for permission to innovate and compete. Johnson believes that federal agencies must be partners in progress, not roadblocks to prosperity.  Americans must be allowed to innovate, as is our heritage, and compete in the global economy. We must create wealth, not redistribute it.

Johnson also believes that we must eliminate our current federal tax code (and the IRS), and replace it with a simpler, fairer, and flatter system. He’s a cosponsor of the “Tax Code Termination Act.’ Today's federal tax code penalizes job creators, and incentivizes the poor to subsist on entitlement programs. Reducing taxes at all levels of income will stimulate the economy, both from the top down (allowing more investment in business and job creation) and from the bottom up (giving hardworking Americans more opportunities and purchasing power).